Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 122 - Smells Like Team Spirit

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The funny thing is, as I sat in class daydreaming about Jones Soda (lol), I was brainstorming what I would write for each bottle I posted today. I knew I had to update and edit a few posts prior, so I had made the decision to put a disclaimer at the front of the newest post (i.e. this post). Here's the funny part; the first, faithful follower of Jones-a-Day, BreMarie, offered me a pretty nice segue into such a disclaimer. So ATTENTION everybody jonesing out there; all posts will come with a pic and a description. Take today for example. I had filled and photographed six bottles. I had to rush off to school, so I was only able to write about the first ones. Now that I am home with some time to spare, I have updated the rest. Day 116's post is another good example. I had to leave that one without a description because time did not permit it. Now the "Mele Kalikimaka" is complete with random thoughts. If there is ever a post with just a picture, chances are a description will be coming later that day or sometime in the near future.

So, I feel like I should get this out of the way, but yes, I know the song is "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but again, I was trying to be clever. Today's bottle is filled with, as the packaging calls them, "PomPoms". I thought they were just cotton balls of different colors, but they are actually little balls of soft, furry, fibers. One hundred of these mogwais, or Gizmos if you are not up to speed on your Gremlin terminology, come in a pack. I used 95% of them...hehe, math.

The teenager on the label, filled with angst and covered in punk-rock-like attire, would probably never use a pom-pom for anything but kindling. The idea here is supposed to be oxymoronical (not a word, but should be). The preppy, colorful, soft PomPoms against a smokes-in-the-bathroom, dark, edgy punk-rocker.

How's that for rambling, Bre?


  1. So... I have to say this is lame. Though I do enjoy looking at your creative bottles and making connections with the filler, the lable, and my life, I have to say that my favorite part is your rambling on and on about the filler and possible connections. You could ramble on and on and forget the photo, I'd be happy.

    Stop slacking!!! Haha jk Miss you Mitchie.

  2. Mitch - A very cool looking and colorful bottle. I want to see it irl (and I will).

    Dad (Who just won the Golf League Championship tonight - YAAAAY! Cheerleading Pom Poms are celebrating my victory)

  3. Dad - Congratulations on the big win, I will accept my share of your prize money later today. Brilliant connection from your life to the filler, by the way. I only wish I had thought of it sooner so that I could have added a P.S. congratulatory speech.

  4. Much better!!! Sorry for jumping the gun on the rambling... you never let me down ^_^