Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 121 - Shredded Whoots

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The title attempts to be clever, but I fear it has failed desperately. At the end of a box of Frosted Mini Wheat cereal is, what I call, the chaff. Just shredded wheat. Not in block form anymore, just sticks and fibers of wheat. So, one day, although I enjoy eating the chaff, I started collecting the grains.

So the filler is shredded wheat leftover from Frosted Mini-Wheat cereal. The label has an owl on it. Owls say "whoo". So the titles kind of mashes these two ideas.

I chose this label and this filler because I felt they would look good together in terms of texture. That is, I felt the ruffles and feathers on the owl kind of looked like the chaff.

As it turns out, the filler and label look awesome IRL,

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