Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 120 - Picnic Staple

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I'd like to sit here and blab about this and that, but I want to get the logistics out of the way. Today's bottle is filled with napkins, mandatory for any successful party or picnic. I wanted to hurry and get that in because, in my opinion, today's filler kind of resembles balled up diapers. Not having children of my own, and not having friends or immediate family with small children, you would think that the image of a balled up diaper is one that I am unfamiliar with. I mean, I don't remember ever seeing my diapers being rolled up, taped, and tossed out. So why does the image of this bottle repulse me so? Because, believe it or not, I, on more than one occasion have had to throw away a used, balled up, discarded diaper that some careless, disgusting, disrespectful customer abandoned in a shopping cart. Seriously, it takes a special kind of a-hole to pull something like that. "Oh, I don't feel like throwing away my babies crap, I think I'll let one of the jerks from Toys R Us do it."

Yeah, that was a small rant, but people should know how lousy retail employees get treated.

The label reminds me of going to the park as a kid. Blowing bubbles in the sunshine. Swings, wood-chips, picnics and PB&J sandwiches with a napkin for a plate.

Juice boxes,

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