Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 116 - Mele Kalikimaka [EDIT]

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The intention with this bottle was to allude to the notion that I'd be taking a few days off from Jones-a-Day for the Labor Day weekend. A group of guys sit on a beach in plastic lawn chairs, slowly sinking into the moist sand as waves crash in front of them. The image is so relaxing, so perfect. What a great way to start a holiday break; thoughts of being worry-free, soaking in the sun, sand, water, smiles.

In the bottle are those cheap, plastic leis you see at any typical luau themed party. Grass skirts, loud, flowery shirts, an itchy necklace of folded plastic, and coconut bras; I love luaus. I obtained these leis while completing another item off my bucket list; "attend a surprise party of someone you don't know".

Two items off the list so far.

Both thanks to Stevie and her family,

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