Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 115 - Bland

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It's not that I am out of ideas, I'm not. If anything the ideas I have are too good. My reserve of bottles is running low and the number of reserved bottles is growing high. I need more bottles and much, much more money for filler. I would also like to borrow some time if anyone has a minute to spare.

There is literally nothing exciting about today's bottle. The filler has no connection to the label, the filler is probably the most boring, colorless cereal you can think of, and the filling process was painfully predictable. I had other plans for this label, but they would have taken too long. Lately I've been running late for just about everything and, strangely enough, I have never felt happier.

Next time I have a day off and a dollar in my account I am going to buy a bunch of bottles, a bunch of fillers, and go nuts making a nice stockpile for situations where time is scarce. This is how the project started, and it was nice. I would make a new bottle every day but would have some on reserve in case there was no time to find and fill a bottle.

I don't know, I'm rambling now,

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