Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 114 - Hang Ten

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I hope you all had a chance to make your own connections about today's bottle, and I hope that the one I had in mind was obvious. The salty, ridged, ruffled, chips are aptly named "Ripple" chips. Ripples; the word that comes to mind when one thinks of a stone being tossed into a pond. Ripples; tiny, tiny waves. Filler, ridged potato chips, ripples, waves, surfing, label.

So this bottle is incredibly greasy on the inside. I imagined the process would be greasy but didn't account for the inside to be oily transparent with salty brine.

Filling this bottle was both delicious and entertaining. Sitting on Stevie's living room floor, fighting off the hungry tongue of Charlie, watching Tyke drool as I shove another handful of chips into my mouth. The poor dogs eyeballing each chip as it is broken along its tiny ridged perforations and dropped into the neck of the bottle. You could see the look in their faces that screamed, "what a waste of perfectly good treats".

Good boys,

P.S. - Actual bottle to come sometime tomorrow. Here's a teaser (may contain spoilers).

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