Saturday, August 15, 2009

No White Flag

Things happen. I say "things" because, so far, this is a relatively PG blog. But things happen. Before I start I should clear something up; this is not a resignation letter. This is not me giving up, turning in, calling it quits. This is no white flag. Things happen.

So the past month the "Jones-a-Day" has been more like "Jones-Every-Other-Day". I keep taking two steps forward, pausing, then two steps again. I thought today would be no different. I planned on posting two bottles tonight; one for Friday's bottle and one for today's. I've been forced to do this a lot lately. Days seem to vanish when you smile this much, hours pass in seconds. Soon, whole days are gone and I am left struggling to keep up.

This is where we stand. The line in the sand, if you will. I need to post two bottles today to make up for the lack of yesterday's and to post on-time for today's. Easy enough. I have plenty of bottles, plenty of filler, and plenty of ideas for filler. But guess what...yes, things happen. Before leaving from up North I decided to leave my camera with Stevie so she could take pictures. Well, that puts Jones out of commission for yet another night; possibly another day. By the time the next post comes, there might be four or five pics at once. Can you imagine?