Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 99 - Have You Any Wool?

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So last night, late last night, a friend pointed out that I was a post behind. Reeling, I had to think. How can I be behind? I just posted three day's worth of bottles. Then, duh, it hit me. I had missed three days, yes, but I also owed for the current day. It's kind of like when you count how many people are in your party and you neglect to count yourself. Sincerely, I am sorry. Especially since I had just pledged to be more punctual and consistent with my posts.

Today's bottle - er, I mean - yesterday's bottle is filled with steel wool. The grade of wool is very fine, very smooth and used to polish metal I'm pretty sure. Thus it looks more like really matted, nappy hair. Or black cotton candy.

In reality I chose steel wool because, while working on today's real post, I came across a bagful of the very fine, "flexible abrasive", steel wool. But for the purpose of story-telling I'll pretend I chose the filler for other reasons. On the spot, if forced to, I'd tell you all that I chose steel wool because I, like a bad sheep, had strayed from my flock (i.e. Jones-a-Day) for so long. Baa on me!

I'm writing too much considering I'm in kind of a hurry. The label shows a solitary girl sitting in a barren field watching the horizon. I got a very "farmland" sort of feeling with this picture; farms lead to livestock, livestock leads to sheep, sheep lead to wool. Cycle complete.

See you in a bit,

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