Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 98 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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Ah, how perfect is this trio of posts? Really, I just thought about it. We start our meal with camping; what a perfect appetizer to an all-American trilogy. Main course? Golfing; a more world-wide, but still patriotic past-time. Now what? Baseball? The only thing we need now is a slice of apple pie and a Big Mac.

Day 98's bottle is full of a variety of things, but we'll discuss that in a minute. Let's get to the story of a perfect day full of bright sun, pretty girls, fruity drinks, and baseball. It started with free tickets to a Tigers game, thanks Tammy! It continued with a car-ride, thanks again, Tammy, and proceeded with my first beer and my first hot-dog at my first ever Tigers game. One item off my bucket list, only 99 more to go.

Then it was off to Dave and Buster's; a sort-of Chuck E. Cheese's for adults. This is where the filler comes in. After two or three ours of food, games, and laughs it was time to exchange our tickets. This is where the cute girls I had mentioned before started brainstorming. What about a Jones filled with Dave and Buster's carnival tickets? Not only was I tickled that they were so dedicated to my project, but impressed with the idea for filler. It had not even crossed my mind. Problem though, the fine people at D and B's were not so cooperative handing over a bagful of tickets. No, not even the discarded, shredded ones. They kept feeding us this bull about how they have to account for every ticket won and spent, but I think they were afraid of being scammed. You should have seen how hard my lady-friends fought for these tickets. They begged the cashier, pleaded with the attendant, and petitioned a manager. Stevie even tried to pawn off a $20 game card to a few customers in exchange for tickets. No go.

Who's laughing now? They should have given us the scrapped tickets because, after being refused, we went on a rampage taking everything that wasn't bolted down. I'm pretty sure we came out ahead. For a complete inventory of borrowed items, see the "P.S. Pics" below.

Today's bottle is filled with the following. Two D and B plastic bags, a Dave and Buster's rechargeable game card (remaining balance unknown), and 35 Dave and Buster's two-point coupons. I'm not positive what exactly is happening in the picture on the label, but I do see the giant stadium lights of a baseball field in the background. It appears to be a dad, sporting a baseball cap, with his son gripped onto his shoulders. The connection here, I feel, is obvious.

So, really, can you blame me for taking a few days off?

Would you turn down camping with a special someone, golfing with your father, or an afternoon of baseball and carnival games?

Didn't think so,

P.S. - Complete inventory of D and B pilferage; 62 two-point coupons, three rechargeable game cards, receipt from our meal, receipt from the purchase of a $10 game card, ticket exchange receipt, two D and B plastic bags, 38 D & B winners cup (yes, 38), and foliage stolen from the tree outside. Not seen here are a matchbook and a Hershey's bar wrapper from a bite-sized, cookies n' cream Hershey bar...

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A closer shot of all our stuff, matchbook and candy wrapper included...

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Go Tigers!

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