Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 97 - FORE!

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Okay, on the second day of truancy...

Golfing - another absolutely wholesome, absolutely American past-times. Once a year a small outing is hosted by the Gracewil Country Club. All the leagues affiliated with the course, my dad's included, are invited out to play 18-holes of golf followed by a free little luncheon. This year was my second year and, although last year was fun, this year's outing was exceptionally better.

The game, that is, the 18-holes were played as a four-man scramble. What this means to the non-enthusiast is that every golfer hits a ball. Then, the foursome decides whose ball is best and all four hit from where that ball is. This continues until the pitter-patter of a putt being sank. The thing that made this outing even better was that the other half of our foursome didn't show up; it was just dad and I. We got two shots at every ball. We only ended up using a dozen of my shots, but regardless, he and I came in two under par.

So today's filler serves two purposes. One; on this day I was out golfing and doing, if I say so myself, a bang-up job. Making shots, chipping, putting, and driving like I never expected myself to do. Two; this bottle is the first Jones my father has ever drank. Odd, it took almost 100 days for my dad to catch the Jones Soda wave.

Today's filler is golf tees. Some old, some new, some white, tan, green, some orange. Dedicated to my dad's love of the game and to a great day on the links.

Keep swinging,

P.S. - Also, unlike last year, this year both dad and I walked away with prizes. Our score won us nothing, but he and I each won separate awards. He had left one of his tee shots about a foot from the pin. This ball had a real chance of rolling in. Because of this he won "Closest to the Pin" - as a reward he got a Whitecaps cap and a Frisbee. I won a more embarrassing award; "Shortest Drive". As a reward I got a Coca-Cola cap and a matching t-shirt...

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Thought I'd throw this in too. My dad has little confidence in his chipping, but then again, who doesn't? This is him immediately after putting about four yards from the fringe...yeah, I said putting. Like, with a putter. That far from the green? You're crazy...

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