Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 96 - Blame it on the A-a-a-a-a-alcohol

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Don't let the title fool you, the lack of posts has nothing to do with alcohol. In fact, although a beer or two have been consumed over the past three days, my absence has had nothing to do with being inebriated. The first omitted entry, which should have followed immediately after the helicopter post, came about because of a trip up North. Shortly after day 95's post with the spinning seedlings, I packed my bags and headed out to pick up Stevie. All things considered - the sunset, the movie, the reading, the warm Sloppy Joe, the kisses and cuddles - it was a good, good night.

What does beer have to do with the day's goings-on? Not a lot, really. Yes, a warm, meaty, saucy, sloppy sandwich isn't complete without a cold beer, but in reality this post is more of an ode to camping in general. The drinking fountains on the label reminded me of something you'd see in a public park. The copper-tasting, stale, lukewarm water which spews into these municipal troughs brings forth ideas of campsites. And what is camping? To me, camping is sitting around a fire even if it isn't roaring. It's putting up with mosquitoes buzzing in your ear. It's playing cards in the shelter of a camper or tent while it pours relentlessly outside. It is hot-dogs and s'mores. It's a cold beer and a good joke.

It's worrying about nothing and finding tranquility in everything,

P.S. - Hmmm...a beer flavored Jones Soda...crazier things have happened (i.e. a Turkey and Gravy flavored soda).

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Couldn't let this picture go to waste. A giant cookie, a mound of frosting and a cute message, "Just Because You're Mitch". Posting it here just because she's Stevie : )

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