Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 93 - Fluffy Filler

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Man, with every post the mental clog gets thicker and thicker. The idea of writer's block is quickly being eclipsed by a much bigger, much harsher writer's wall. A complete blockade between mind and fingertips. How many ways can these letters be arranged? How many combinations of words are possible? The number of potential sentences, paragraphs, posts is as close to infinite as a number can get.

So you can see my dilemma. Today's bottle is filled with cotton-balls. What is there to say about cotton? It's white. It is fluffy. What more is there?

I dig the black-and-whiteness of this bottle. The label features a picture of some girl, smiling with hair tossed outwards towards the camera. When I think cotton-balls I think make-up, face wash, nail polish. I think soft and gentle. I think girls.

Sweet dreams, blogger-land,

P.S. - The first Jones-a-Day embedded video! It's very related and very much worth a watch. "Don't go back there! You're going to see more cotton than you wanna see!"


  1. bahahah that's ridiculous!
    Whatever that husband is only pissed because she's dreaming of different balls than his.

  2. That is mean...why would they do that to her? obviously it is ridiculous - she needs help, not to be chased by the cottonball-man :(