Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 91 / 92 - Summer Days and, oh, oh Those Summer Nights

I feel so Sarah Jessica Parker right now. Sitting in a plush bed with lots of pillows, hundreds of photos strewn about the walls, a color scheme; typing in my pajamas on a tiny MacBook with its incandescent, pearly, heavenly glow - very "Sex in the City". My inner monologue running vocally in my head, recounting the romantic escapades of the day.

So, as you may have noticed, there will be two bottles on today's post. Reason? Well, I did it on purpose so that the number of posts was equal to the number of bottles...yeah, that's it. Since my first post upped my post count by one I had to double up on this post to catch up.

Okay, that horribly worded bologna above was a lie. In reality, the Earth is moving much too quickly around the sun and the summer is coming to an end. With new-found happiness comes ample opportunities to have fun, relax, and smile. I love my Jones-a-Day project, but would take the rainiest, laziest afternoon with her over anything.

So, on to the pics.

Day 92 - She Sells Seashells

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Lake in a bottle, that's the best description I got. Tiny shells, small rocks, bits of twigs and seaweed, and a pinch of sand. Add a residual moisture from the collection process and you have a swampy, fishy, grimy, gritty mess of a bottle. I imagine after a few days the inside of this bottle will be rancid with the smell of dead fish and swan urine. It's a cool looking bottle in real life, don't get me wrong, but when collecting the shells there was a giant, dead, bloated fish being lapped by waves a yard away from me. Kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and an even worse connotation in my mind.

Day 91 - Acorny Post
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Get it? A corny post? Ah, forget it, that was lame and unfunny.

I felt like a child today - that is, I should say - I felt more like a child today than usual. While up North at the lake there were these two kids staying in the camper with us. Real young like, juvenile. Pull-ups young. Anyway, somehow they got it in their heads that the acorns they found all over the campground were worth $1 apiece. So they went nuts collecting the tiny nuggets of gold. And, somehow, I got it in my head that the acorns would be a great Jones filler. I think a little bird told me, now that I think about it :). So I hobbled around in the dirt, hunched over looking for these acorns with these two whipper-snappers. It was a rough task considering I had to share what I had found with them; I only took in a third of what I actually picked up. They ended up giving me their collections, so I ended up with a shoebox full of un-needed but much appreciated acorns.

It was fun, though.

It's getting late and there are more pressing things to attend to. I feel like I am getting a little scatter-brained, perhaps a bit distracted.

But that's what cute girls will do to you,

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