Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 87 - Now THAT'S a Spicy Meatball

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A lot of the other bottles I have marked with the Jones-a-Day official "didn't turn out the way I had hoped" stamp. This bottle, however, gets the Jones-a-Day official "turned out better than I had expected" stamp. Normally tall, un-malleable objects make horrible filler as they do not technically fill the bottle. Don't believe me? See the post on Day 64.

The bottle for today is filled with uncooked spaghetti noodles. Unlike the straws in the "Suck it Up" post, the noodles could be snapped in half. This allowed me to fill the bottle more completely although the noodles were not very malleable.

The label and filler connection is obvious. The label shows a poor, defenseless baby being boiled alive along with spaghetti noodles. How the people at Jones Soda could let such a sick, violent inhumane thing be on a label is beyond me...Just kidding of course. The baby in the pot of spaghetti is adorable.

Well, off to bed. Work in 8.5 hours,

P.S. - Can't say much about these without letting our secret out...10 bowling pin and 2 bowling ball cupcakes :) ...

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