Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 113 - Crazy Core

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I like this. I post a bottle that makes sense to me in terms of label and filler and let you all guess the connection I am making. Today's bottle was provided, again, by the most gorgeous, most charming, most gracious Stevie. It is filled with Crazy Core Skittles. To me, they taste just like normal Skittles, but in order to taste red you have to eat a yellow and in order to taste green you have to eat orange. It is kind of gimmicky, but worth the price. So why Crazy Core for this label?

Think about what you learned about the composition of the Earth. The crust, the mantle, the inner and outer core. Now think of the label; the rocks, the stone, the Earth. If you cannot make a connection by now you're crazy. Core of the Earth, the Crazy Core of the Skittle.

Meh, another bottle tomorrow and for the next 252 days,

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