Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 111 - Plent and Goody [EDIT]

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Although the picture came in on time, the post itself had to wait. I'd tell the whole story, but I'm not even sure I remember the details of last night. Not because I was drinking, because I wasn't, but my mind is still frazzled and spinning. Imagine driving in a foreign world, in the rain, not knowing where you are going and not being told where or when to turn until you've just about passed the drive, the street, the parking spot. Imagine being tailed by a cop after you've made sporadic lane changes because you were told to go right, no left, or was it right? Imagine your girlfriend discarding the remnants of a breath-mint out the window with said police car on your bumper.

After a trip in Wonderland I returned home to fill a bottle with Good and Plenty candies purchased for me by the aforementioned, breath-mint spitting, crazy direction giving girlfriend. I was able to get the picture online and planned on writing the description at her house on her laptop.

Turns out that her computer was still in Wonderland.

Sorry for the delay,

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