Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 106 - "Don't cross the streams"

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I feel like there is more nostalgia to this bottle than a paragraph could do justice. With that, let's just get the legal mumble-jumble and the boring yadda-yadda out of the way. If I infringe on any copyrights by using the term "Ghostbuster" or "psychomagnotheric slime" or "proton pack", I apologize. Now, the boring stuff - so today's bottle is filled with two different shampoos. Both are V05 brand. The first, filling the bottom half of the bottle, comes from the "Moisture Milks" line and has a strawberries and cream scent. The other shampoo, obviously filling the top half of the bottle, comes from the "Herbal Escapes" line and is "flavored" with pomegranate and grapeseed extract. On the label is a dog which appears to have just received a bath. I'm having this very peculiar urge to shampoo dogs...this feeling has lasted for a couple weeks now...odd.

Now the nostalgia. If you've seen Ghost Busters, raise your hand. If your fingertips are not waving excitably towards the ceiling, if you are not stretching your arm so hard that your butt isn't even touching the seat anymore, then stop reading here. Stop reading because this next part is not going to make sense. Stop reading because you should be on your way to your nearest video store or busy altering your Netflix queue. See this movie.

So, to those not deprived, remember the psychomagnotheric slime that would bubble and spit when insulted? Of course you do, the entire movie was based off this "mood slime". So here's where all this is relevant. The scene where Ray and Egon are insulting the slime, think about how it looked. All pink and bubbly. I couldn't help but see it when I was pouring this bottle.

Ray: "You! You worthless piece of slime! You ignorant disgusting blob!"
Egon: "You're nothing but an unstable short-chained molecule!"
Ray: "You foul obnoxious muck!"
Egon: "You have a weak electrochemical bond!"
Ray: "I have seen some disgusting crud in my time, but you take the cake!"

Venkman: "This is what you do with your spare time?",

P.S. - Slime!

Mood slime, prior to insults, in the movie...
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My slime, post insults, in real life...
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It helps if you've seen the scene...

This is the extended cut where Venkman, played by Bill Murray, adds some less-than-PG words to the mix. Some big four-letter words in here, so listen with caution.

Oh, and P.P.S. - the above video is pretty much an audio clip with stills from the movie; annoying, yes, but it shows some of the bubbling action I was referring to.


  1. YES! I've been watching Ghostbusters since it's been on TV a lot lately and I had forgotten how funny it is. The shampoo does look like the slime. Nice connection.

    I also like the last post with the ode to the cats.

  2. Of course I have to be critical. It was actually Ghostbusters II...