Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 103 - Milk n' Cookies [EDIT]

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Alright, so originally the idea of putting anything extremely capable of becoming rotten in a bottle was unimaginable; like meat, eggs, or milk. I had other ideas for this bottle when I drank it. Ideas for filler that would keep for as long as the other 102 bottles. But, as previous posts have indicated, stuff happens. Things come up and time becomes scarce. This bottle was filled on a whim, photographed, and posted within a ten minute span of time.

I call it the first ever Jones-a-Day science experiment. The bottle full of 1/2%, low-fat milk is currently sitting in my mini-fridge. Come the 22nd of this month, the "sell by" date, it will be wrapped in, from what I am guesstimating, seventeen layers of plastic wrap, a handful of Zip-Lock bags, and probably a trash bag or two. Finish it off with a roll-and-a-half of duct tape and we'll bury the bottle in a shoebox in the backyard. 261 days from now I will dig it up and unwrap as if it were a pressure-triggered, sensitive, homemade plastic explosive...because, essentially, that is what it will become.

The connection between the filler, which is milk, and the label, which shows a plate of chocolate-chip cookies, should be obvious. If it isn't, your mother and I should have a talk...your grandmother too.

Don't take that last sentence the way I know some of you will take it,

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