Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 102 - Call Me Irresponsible

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Emphasis on "call me"; today's bottle is filled with pages - ripped and rolled - out of a Yellow Pages phone-book. Freshman year in college, while living in the dorms, my roommate and I had an affinity to overindulge in free items. The fortune cookie story is probably my favorite, but unrelated to this post. Instead, let me tell you about the phone-books. One day, on my way in from class, I see stacks upon stacks of phone books in the common area of our dorm. I think the idea was to take one per room but, after a few days had passed and there were still stacks of books up for grabs, we started sneaking two or three back to our room every time we walked by the lounge. Pretty soon we had developed quite the library (see the "P.S. Pics" below).

Emphasis on "irresponsible"; last night I left my post a bit short. It is kind of a faux pas to blog about how you only blog about how sorry you are for not blogging more, but I am sorry for the abrupt post last night. My night went as follows; work all day, come home, post, sleep, work all morning. There was barely enough time to make my bed, but in case you feel cheated, I will edit yesterday's post immediately.

The horse on the bottle has an expression on his face that says, "are you serious?" It's like he's disappointed in me, teasing me with his mushed up face. I also chose this bottle because I had originally thought of shredding the phone-book pages. If done like this, the bottle would have appeared to be full of straw. And horses eat straw...yup.

Call me,

P.S. - The library of North A, Second Floor...

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A teaser for the aforementioned "fortune cookie story"...

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