Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 101 - Complete Tulle [EDIT]

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So now I feel like this post has been teased up. It's kind of like when your buddy, in front of a bunch of people you've just met, tells you to tell "that one story" or "that one joke". Wow, now the stage is set and the audience is expecting something huge. If you are reading this after the edit without having read the original post, skip this paragraph. I probably should have said that from the start.

Well, to be honest, there is a lot I wanted to say about this post and a lot of sentiment I wanted to pour on top. And, well, to be honest still, I am running late due to Jones-a-Day...again.

First of all, the correct pronunciation of "tulle" is "tool", in case the title confused you. Tulle is a crafting material, defined as "a thin, fine, machine-made net of acetate, nylon, rayon, or silk". F.Y.I.

Secondly, and nearly finally, the pink fluff was provided by Stevie who, along with her sister and family, have become dedicated to the Jones-a-Day cause; filling me with great ideas for filler and meaningful words of praise. If the posts have seemed to become longer, more meditated, it is because of them. Thanks, girls.

So the picture on the label. I'm not sure if it can be said that she is known for taking similar shots, but some of the first pictures I had ever seen of Stevie are of a comparable nature; at the beach, jumping in the air and timing the shutter just right. The pink netting makes me think of girly things, makes me think of a room with a pink and green color scheme, makes me think of the one who donated it to me; as if I wasn't thinking about her already.

I've added some "P.S. Pics" to make up for the delay,

P.S. - Poof, there it is...

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