Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 100 - Jones-Centennial

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How many pennies fit into a Jones Soda bottle?

None. A penny is 19mm in diameter. The opening to a Jones bottle is a hair or two less than that, no kidding. Each penny, all 531 of them, had to be slightly bent using a bench-vice. Five dollars and thirty-one cents. That's two really lousy beers and a fine tip, or one really fine beer and a lousy tip. That's just over two gallons of gas. A four-pack of Jones Soda. What's $5.31 to me? One-point-five hours of bending pennies, one-by-one, in a dirty, humid workshop.

But, hey, this should be a celebration. 100 days, that is, 100 bottles of unique fillers. So, to all my visitors, all seven of my followers, to each and every one of you checking daily, thank you. If my hit-counter wasn't moving the way it has been, I don't know if I could justify spending so much time and money on this project. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, the advice, and the encouragement. Here's to 100 bottles passed and to 265 to come.

Normally I'm not a fan of bottles with people's faces on them, but this bottle screamed "party". I find that a colorful smattering of balloons always provokes celebratory feelings. When has a bunch of balloons like the ones on the label ever been used in negative connotations? In fact, when have balloons ever not been used to commemorate something happy and positive? Never...or, always...I don't know, that last sentence was poorly put together and had enough negatives to make your high school English teacher blush. But you know what I mean.

Moving on, if you haven't been able to tell, five posts in two days is enough to burn-out even the most avid blogger. So, why pennies? A penny is one cent. "Cent"; one-hundredth of a monetary unit. Cent, in French, means 100. Cento in Italian. Words like "century" or "centennial" make references to a the number 100.

When you think about it, the filler really makes cents,

P.S. - Every once in a while I am reminded of how much work is put into filling these bottles. Let my hands speak for me...

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  1. So, DIMES WILL comfortably fit into a Jones bottle?!! Certainly, this idea is already on your list. It would probably take $60.00 or more in dimes to fill it, however. It MIGHT be the most "valuable" (not counting sentiment) bottle that you would do.


  2. Dimes and pennies have been on the list since the beginning, but considering that it took 531 pennies, and considering that dimes are smaller, it would be a pretty valuable bottle. I accept donations, however.