Monday, August 17, 2009

Baggage Claim

I feel like every time a posts starts without a picture of a bottle that the first impression everyone gets is that this is over. If you feel that way about this post, I don't blame you; I feel the same way too. It is so strange posting here without a picture of a Jones, and while I type this I can't help but imagine what I would say if it were the end. This is not the end, not a submission, not a change in the rules which allows me to only post once or twice a week. No. This post is more inspirational in nature. A rejuvenation of Jones-a-Day. I feel the need to explain my absence, so I will do so in the posts that follow later this afternoon. I've become aware that there are an increasing number of people dropping by daily, which both excites and unnerves me. The pressure is on now. Now that I know the word is out, I am thrilled about my project but feel awful that I've been so busy enjoying what little summer we have left. Just as a lot of people were getting into the daily groove of Jones-a-Day, I turned the record off; leaving them standing, swaying back-and-forth, snapping their fingers to a rhythm that's not there. Sorry if I made you look foolish, here, let me turn the dial to "11".

So I've used the term loosely before, but I am back from what I am calling a vacation. The plane has landed, passengers un-boarded, and my bags have been claimed. Jones-a-Day will be taking on more responsibilities, will be more punctual, and will, hopefully, be even more enjoyable to everybody following.

I do apologize for the tardiness, but do not regret being absent. If you've followed regularly before, please don't give up now.

I haven't,

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