Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 82 - Bottle of Bubbly

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Leave it to one of my managers to make me feel stupid. A Jones bottle of Miracle Bubbles bubble solution was on my list for a while, almost since the beginning of this project. I recently set it aside figuring the picture would not be very exciting given that the bubble solution is clear. What a boring pic, right? Well I had a conversation with one of my many managers a few days ago and he had mentioned he'd never had a Jones. I brought him a root beer to help solve this flaw. With an approving, "good call" and a nod the bottle was quickly gone. Then, handing me the empty, he made a request to fill the bottle with bubble solution, but here's the twist. Leave the "miracle wand" inside! Genius. The simple addition of this wand turned a clear liquid bottle into a work of art. In real life, this one is pretty slick looking.

There was a little snag since the diameter of the bubble wand was greater than the diameter of the mouth of the bottle, but a quick press in a bench vice solved that. The connection between label and filler is obvious; summer days as a kid, swinging at a playground, blowing bubbles. Simple pleasures. Originally I had chose this bottle to give to my coworker because, like most people who work at a toy store, he is a child at heart.

I don't want to grow up,

P.S. - I made this one pretty air-tight so, even with vigourous shaking, it is tough to produce any bubbles. But here's proof that the liquid inside is more than water. Note the tiny, tiny bubbles...

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