Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 80 - ... and 81

[puts on reading glasses] Ahem! "If, for some reason, I miss a day or a period of time, I will post a number of bottles corresponding to the number of days absent as soon as I am available. That is, I may not be able to post on that day but will always make up for the missing day by posting multiple pictures the next time." This is from the guidelines I established on Day 1.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of people out there, sweating, eyes glued to their computer screens, fingers desperately clicking the refresh button waiting for the new post. "Oh my gosh, it's over" you may be crying, but relax. I went on a little vacation last night but am prepared with two new bottles today to make up for yesterday. It doesn't happen a lot, in fact I've only been late three times during the past 81 days, two of which were only late by a matter of minutes. Cut me some slack.

Day 80 - Sweethearts

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This bottle was filled, poorly, might I add, a while ago when I was in high school. The white candy heart has always been my least favorite of my most favorite Valentine's Day candy. The bottle is old, dusty, and covered with a chalk-like powder on the inside from where the hearts rattled around. Had this bottle been filled properly, the candies in the neck could have been turned on their side so that the neck of the bottle would appear more full.

The label depicts a woman receiving a kiss from a cow. The connection between filler and bottle are obvious, but the reasons why I chose this particular bottle on this particular day are less so. There is only one legible heart facing the camera in the picture. It reads, "Don't Tell".


Day 81 - Pricey

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"Shelf labels" is what they are called in the industry, "shelf tags" is another accepted term. Not only must every item be priced individually, but every peg-hook and shelved product needs to have a white label allocating where it goes and its price. The shelf tags in this bottle, from 422 unique items, have been printed off of items found in the electronics section.

A bike tire is seen on the label still bolted to a bike rack; the rest of the bicycle has been stolen. The video games section is a common target for shoplifters, and therefore, a connection between filler and label has been established.

Another odd feng-shui rule I have established is that I can only read the message on the bottom of the cap if and when I finish drinking the soda. I did not drink this one myself, so I could not allow myself to read the cap.

I heard it was a really, really good one,

P.S. - The 329 labels that I collected but did not fit into the bottle...

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  1. I don't get your rituals at all!!! Do you think something bad will happen? The caps are the 2nd best part.