Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 78 - Color Me Stupid

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There are a lot of unofficial rules I've concocted regarding my bottles, some border on obsessive-compulsive. I broke one today. One of the most talked about and most important ones. I had this rule that, once a bottle is filled, it cannot be unfilled. So I was forced to make an amendment. If a bottle is filled and must be unfilled, it cannot be refilled with the same thing. Example; today's bottle originally contained a number of whole, unbroken, Crayola crayons. Not happy with the way this looked, I was forced to break the rules and removed the crayons from the bottle. I then took the crayons and snapped each in half and placed them into the bottle.

Not with it mentally today, sorry if I seem scatterbrained. The label depicts students in an art class of sorts. I thought about all the art projects we've done throughout are school career. What is more "school project" than "crayons"?

**DING** That bell means my Ambien is calling me to bed, goodnight all,

P.S. - Behind the scenes at a Jones-a-Day photo-shoot...

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Forgot to mention that out of the 288 Crayola crayons I bought (three boxes of 96), this bottle only needed 38. What's a 22-year-old to do with 250 crayons?



  2. :)

    I'm doing one more bottle that features crayons, you can have what's left (most likely an entire box of 96).