Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 77 - More Candy?

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Sorry folks, another predictable, easy filler today. One that took little time and very, very little money. I guess this is "filler" filler; just something to cover me until I have something more original to put into a bottle. It's kind of, sort of, in a way not my fault because theater candy was only $0.99 at work, I couldn't resist.

Today's filler filler is Jujyfruits; the semi-hardened, stick-to-your-teeth, gummy candy. I hadn't had them in a long, long time and wanted to indulge over a purple one. Now, I've actually become a fan of black licorice candies over the years but, when your tongue is expecting grape, the taste can be a bit shocking.

Am I crazy, or has anyone else made the mistake of calling them "Jujufruit"?

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