Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 76 - Homecoming Day

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My adopted brother, Jeff, has finally had an opportunity to visit us here in Grand Rapids from Washington D.C. The family, especially me and the white cat, are very excited to hang out and party as much as we can with him while Jeff is still in the country.

It's good to see you, buddy. Let me explain how this Jones-a-Day thing works. I post a picture like the one above, I write a few short paragraphs regarding any relevant details surrounding the bottle or the filling process. And, if one exists, I talk about how the "filler" matches the "label".

It took about $8 to filled this bottle; I just had to buy a tub of Maxwell House French Roast. With the help from a funnel, the bottle was quickly filled.

When my brother was growing up we occasionally teased him by calling him "turtle" because no matter what the task he was sent to accomplish, it would be done at the pace of an injured, elderly turtle. Hence the turtle on the label. My brother is also a fan on coffee, you should see the size of mugs he drinks out of. Hence the coffee on the inside.

You would think that some of that coffee would counteract his sluggishness, but, somehow, they don't.

Welcome back to G.R. Jeff!,

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