Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 73 - Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes

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A very common suggestion I get when I introduce my Jones project to someone is the marshmallow pieces from Lucky Charms cereal. I debated for a while, remembering eating Lucky Charms as a kid and finding only a handful of the soggy, sugary charms in a sea of boring, bland, blah cereal pieces. I imagined that it would take boxes to fill a bottle with purely marshmallow pieces.

So tonight I went to fill a bottle with Lucky Charms, including the cereal part of the cereal. I separated out some of the marshmallows and put them aside. My plan was to not waste the colorful bits on the area inside the bottle behind the label. Well, I realized that the tiny bites, although small in volume, added up quickly. Inspired, I continued until the entire box had been combed. Now I have a box of Lucky Charms, a cereal expressly requested for by my sister (I'll buy a new box tomorrow morning, Em, promise), with only five-or-so Lucky Charms left in it.

There is actually a pretty substantial connection between the picture on the label and the stuff inside the bottle.

But I'm not telling,

P.S. - The most unlucky bowl of Lucky Charms ever! An entire box, five marshmallow charms...

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