Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 71 - House Party

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Seriously, although it is hard to say, but this might be my favorite bottle to date. It is hard to say because there have been 70 previous bottles and I'm sure I'm neglecting a few that had been my favorites in the past. Bottles that become my favorite bottles are ones that either look cool, were fun to fill, or are meaningful to me; this bottle accomplishes all three.

HOLY CRAP! No freaking joke! At this very moment, literally while I was typing this, I added up the number of beer bottle caps in today's post. You see, I was keeping track of how many of each brand/type of beer. This is how it broke down...

Bud Light - 39
Shock Top - 5
Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss - 4
Dunkel Weisse - 4
Oberon - 4
Miller Light - 3
Heineken - 2
Budweiser - 2
Hop Hound - 2
Mystery beer with Maple Leaf logo - 2
Labatt Blue - 2
Miller High Life - 1
Honey Wheat - 1

Add those up...go ahead, I'll give you a few seconds [insert final Jeopardy music here]. The answer? 71! Right, amazing. I did not plan this, I was not aware of this, it is the mother of all coincidences. In case some of you are lost, check which entry this is.

Day 71's bottle contains 71 beer bottle caps from various beers, folded in half, and specifically placed.

The label shows a girl, potentially underage, laying on what I'm guessing his her mom's couch in a sultry pose. She is wearing high heels, black nylons, short-shorts, a scarf, and large-framed sunglasses. What about this picture doesn't scream "my parents aren't home, let's party"? I imagine high-school students drinking beer, flicking their caps all over mom and dad's living room floor. It's as if these caps and the picture on the label were products of the same night.

Not that I would know anything about partying during high school,

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