Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 70 - Banned

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Rubber bands was one of the first items on my list of potential fillers. I've mentioned a few times previously how nice it is to see these ideas evolve from a thought into a reality, this one is no different. Thankfully it turned out exactly how I had imagined it; perfect. I wish I could open a museum by the end of this project so people could see and hold the bottles in real life. Trust me, I can't explain how much cooler they look in real life. Being able to feel the weight and density of the filler and examining the bottle from all angles is a plus.

This is another hard to explain label-to-filler relationship. I see two recent high school graduates, sitting on swings with a setting summer sun in the background. Laughing, flirting, and enjoying their last summer together before leaving for college. I see a bottle filled with rubber bands of varying lengths, widths, and colors.

Make your own connection, post it in the comments,

P.S. - Did I mention my mom is the cutest? The same day she gave me a bag full of old rubber bands she handed me this list. Her handwriting and desire to help me out make me smile. Thanks.

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