Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 69 - Wood Dust

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As I filled this bottle I couldn't get over the term "sawdust". For some reason the semantics of the word were throwing me for a loop. In a great moment of ignorance I was trying to convince myself that it should be called "wood-dust", right? Like, the tiny particles that compose the "dust" are not made of saw, it's made of wood. For a few minutes I mentally wrestled with this idea until, duh, you can cut a lot of things on a table saw. The dust refers not to what the powder is composed of, but what caused the powder. I still can't explain it, nor can I explain the battle that went on between my ears.

So I've already been asked about the label. A lot of the time, especially when my bottle reserve is running low, the labels have nothing to do with the filler. In this case the label pictures some very Baroque looking architecture, most likely cathedrals and most likely European. The look of the ornate buildings made me think of the construction and that even the most beautiful buildings were once raw material; wood and stone. I also think of all the debris discarded during the construction of these structures; the poor pulps of wood and fragments of stone not chosen to be a part of something beautiful.

A lot of rant today, I hope I made some sense,

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