Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 68 - All Sales Are Final

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Today's bottle is filled with receipts that I have collected in a relatively short span of time. Some notable retail stores and restaurants represented in this bottle are Applebee's Bar and Grille, Logan's Alley (an amazing beer bar), Toys "R" Us, AMF Lanes, Aeropostale, Buffalo Wild Wings, Meijer, and other various liquor/party stores.

Bottle Statistics:
Total amount on receipts within bottle - $813.63

Most nostalgic receipt - a $43.77 receipt from the "HIP Party Store" where I bought a fifth of Stoli Vanil, Kahlua, and milk. It was my first time buying such expensive ingredients with the intent of making myself a drink or two...or three (in this case, White Russians).

Oldest Receipt - This one is not in the bottle, but the oldest receipt in my receipt collection was a purchase my dad made while we were in Waikiki on 7-3-2004. The amount was exactly $22.00 from someplace called DFS Galleria.

Funniest Receipt - It was a Meijer receipt that read...
Hamburger Buns

It made me smile,

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