Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 67 - 7 Years Bad Luck

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Okay, so the seven years of bad luck rule probably only applies to broken mirrors, but none-the-less, this bottle is filled with broken glass. I am supposed to be at work in ten minutes, so if this post seems is.

So when I first decided to do this project, while sifting through the empty bottles that had piled up, I found two with identical labels. Well, I figured I would do a unique label everyday so I knew that one of them was trash. I decided I was going to break one bottle and put it inside the other. You know, a Jones in a Jones kind of thing. Recently, as you may have seen in my previous posts, my mini-fridge decided it would blast some bottles with an icy warhead. So I gained two more trash bottles. In today's Jones is the remnants of the twin bottle and the two that were destroyed in the great chill of 2009. I've included the labels and caps near the top.

Until next time, friends,


  1. You should start adding what the cap says at the bottom of each post

  2. I considered doing that but I get a bad voodoo feeling re-reading the caps. Once I read the "fortune" I almost compulsively avoid looking at it again. It's like picking up a penny that is tails up to me.

    But it would be cool, maybe I'll be able to kick that habit.