Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 66 - Knock On It

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It is getting harder and harder to think of witty titles for these things. I spend a majority of my time just thinking of classic sayings or cool puns. This one refers to the old adage "knock on wood". It was an ancient belief that spirits, in particular those that brought good fortune, resided in trees. It was commonly accepted that touching a tree or knocking on its bark would bring forth these good spirits. Hence the expression, "knock on wood".

This bottle was filled within the past fifteen minutes with wood chips collected from the side of the house. Considering it was filled in the dark I think it turned out quite well. The praying mantis on the label appears to be standing on a piece of wood, so it fits with the filler. Also, thinking of wood chips makes me think of the outdoors and the numerous insects it provides.

Good fortune to everybody reading,

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