Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 65 - Squeaky Clean

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Haha, sorry Mitch, but your second bottle is filled with Joy liquid dish soap. For everyone out there, you may recognize this face from Day 48's post with the Ramen Noodles. This recent high school graduate is one of the cleanest people I have ever met. His car is constantly beaming and he puts extreme care and detail into everything he does. Don't be upset, dude, there is no shame in being tidy.

We wrestled with good ideas for Mitch's second and final bottle; most of the fillers we thought of had to do with hobbies and activities he was into. The Ramen was a good and unique filler; something that defined Mitch as a person. You know? Graduating high school, off to college, life changing, et-cetera. I felt the soap did something similar.

This one looks pretty cool IRL. The tiny air bubbles give it a cool sense of depth and dimension.

Happy Tuesday, everyone,


  1. That's where all the dish soap went...


  2. At first I tought it was beer, for college. Nice write up.