Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 64 - Suck it Up

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For some reason, although the bottle isn't technically "filled", I'm happy with the way this bottle looks. Straws are a solid. That is, they are not a liquid nor are they gaseous so they do not hold the shape of their container; but I would still consider them filler. The grey label and black cap help polish off the retro feel that the classic, red-striped bendy straws provide.

The picture on the label has no connection, but something about the color-tones felt retro. The bottle reminds me of something you'd see on the table of an actual diner car, you know, the ones that look like giant aluminum train cabins.

Oh, by the way, thanks to everyone who probably noticed but didn't want to say anything about my numbering on the last post. If you hadn't noticed, I titled the last post "Day 64" when in fact it was Day 63's post.

A math major who can't count, go figure,

P.S. - Oh NO!

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I guess I had the mini-fridge set too high; lost two bottles and stained a few in the process. I'm upset because I had really liked those labels.


  1. Oh man, I told you to save the broken bottle and to count it as a day. The unfilled Jones-a-Day bottle. The unfillable! But fine. Whatever.
    P.S. The beads turned out looking pretty fab.

  2. Whoa, whoa, easy there sis. I still have the broken bottles in a bucket on my dresser. I even kept the soda that was inside.

    I'm afraid to drink it though, fearing that there might be tiny pieces of glass that I can't see that floating in the sugary goodness.

    Still, I lost two bottles and am not sure how to memorialize/display their cool labels.

  3. Save the broken bottle as the "jones in a jones" day. Then, take a picture with the other two labels "looking on" as they were the innocent bystanders at the funeral of the bottle that was shot in the "drive by" that happened in the fridge

    Just a thought...


  4. Dad has become a Jones Soda guru. The way his mind works is incredible; keep cooking up cool ideas for me, thanks.