Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 60 - On the Rocks?

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I can see the "butter" in butterscotch, that is, there is a definite smooth, savory, buttery taste. But where's the scotch? If there was a way to combine my love for the butterscotch flavor with my love for a good drink, I'd be there. If you could melt down these little morsels, add a kick of scotch, and pour it over ice I would buy by the gallon.

So the bottles have been getting expensive; every time I go to the grocery store I rove through the Jones Soda display and find a handful of labels I must have. The fillers have been getting pricey too; a lot of my ideas have me buying junk. So what is a broke, live-at-home kid to do? Peruse the pantry, that's what. I found this bag of Toll House butterscotch morsels and debated. I had to visualize the bottle because I was certain that there would not be enough in a single bag to fill a bottle. Despite my hesitations I opened the bag. As the bottle filled I was growing increasingly nervous.

I ended up with less than a dozen butterscotch chips left over.

That was close,

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  1. I love butterscotch!! I'm with you!! Let's make a drink haha!