Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 58 - Momma's Boy

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If you are looking at a merry-go-round, if you're sitting on a baroque, lavishly painted horse that travels in circles without moving its legs, you are probably celebrating something. Celebrating the summer sun. Celebrating a county fair, a prom; celebrating being with people you love. Me and these horses here, we are celebrating my mom's birthday.

There are so many things that make my mom beautiful and unique; a bubbly personality, a good eye for crafts and scrap-booking, an award worthy smile. I couldn't tell you on which family trip we were on or how old I was when it happened, but I can remember my very first Swedish Fish. The travel snacks were always the best and the yellow bag with the lifeless red fish on the label was always a staple in the van. We were at some campsite; I remember the pop-up camper and standing next to my mom. She gave me a Swedish Fish to try; loving gummies, I obliged. I had always blamed my dad for passing along the sweet-tooth gene to me, but mom has always had the best taste for candy. The red Swedish Fish with its unparalleled gummy texture and its perfectly sweet taste; my favorite gummy to date. Mom introduced me to the delectable fish and, to this day, I am hooked...pun intended.

But, seriously, I've always known this candy to be one of my mother's favorites and since I couldn't bottle her laugh, her charm, her ability to make everything alright even to this day, the candy would have to do.

Mom, thank you for being there, always. Thank you for being there to console me when I am down and for bragging about me when I am up. Thank you for everything.

Happy birthday,
Your son,

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  1. Amen, Mitch. Nice tribute to your Mother.