Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 53 - P.S.A.

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Trust me, if anyone knows how hand-in-hand drinking and camping go, it'd be me. The two bikers on the label are enjoying a day in the woods, walking carelessly towards a lake. I assume they are out camping and I envy the situation they are in; in the outdoors, under the sun, strolling towards an all-natural lake. Sitting by the fire, boiling beans in the embers, roasting hot-dogs with a spear you whittled earlier. A cold beer, a good story, laughs.

But whenever I imagine walking around outdoors in this kind of area, I think of all the possible discarded beer bottles waiting to sting me. I think of the reckless, drunken, irresponsible rednecks tossing their bottles into the woods. All the stupid, underage "rebels" smashing bottles against trees.

So this is my public service announcement via a Jones bottle; be responsible and considerate. Keep all your empties in a bag and off the ground, please.

For how tedious and time consuming this bottle was to fill, it didn't photograph very well. It is full of broken pieces of six different beer bottles and, thus, was very dark and reflective. It looks a lot cooler in real life, but, then again, doesn't everything?

I wanted to use broken beer bottles as filler the day I decided to stop drinking beer...

But that wasn't likely to happen within the next 312 days,

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