Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 48 - Man, I Love College

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There is not a lot of us out there, but believe it or not I am not the only person named "Mitch". There's David Hasselhoff's character from Baywatch, the amazing late Mitch Hedberg, and the best-selling author Mitch Albom.

As fate would have it, a family moved in across the street from us a while back with a young child that had been stamped with the slightly off-beat name. Growing up he had to live with the title of "Little Mitch" while I was crowned "Big Mitch". I watched Mitch grow up through the toddler years and babysat him all through elementary school.

I obtained this bottle at Little Mitch's high school open house. It really ages me to go to the open house of a person I once babysat, but my congratulations go out to him. At this open house he had custom Jones Soda bottles featuring senior pictures of himself. I struggled for a while thinking of good, meaningful Mitch-like filler, and had plenty of ideas related to things we were into growing up. But I thought that, since he was off to college, I'd throw in a classic college staple - Ramen Noodles and chicken-flavored seasoning.

I've been answering a lot of his questions about college, GVSU, etc. One I haven't been asked yet is in regards to Ramen Noodles. To answer preemptively, yes, there will be Ramen Noodles and there will be a large amount of them.

And you will learn to love them,

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