Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 46 - Easter, Revisited

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The birth of the Jones-a-Day idea started with this bottle. The rebirth of the collective spirit, the drive to save and display was inspired by this Jones. I promised a little more history with this post, so stay tuned.

I was making the move from the townhouse back into the house I grew up in, back with the parents, the cats, and the family. Part of this move motivated me to clean out my closet; both mentally and physically. While sorting through the various trash in my physical closet I found an Easter basket containing the green, plastic, fake grass and a bag of the crisp, yellow, fake straw. I had some empty Jones bottles from back in High School and the gears started turning. I filled one bottle with each type of Easter basket grass, this was one of the two. Oh, did I mention "spoiler alert"? Sorry, one of the bottles is filled with plastic, green, fake Easter grass.

Now you know,

P.S. - So the Easter grass was a symbol for my resurrected vitality. The relationship between the filler and label, however, was not so elegant. Basically the trashcan made me think of little bits of garbage. The yellow fake grass made an awful mess during the filling process and littered my room with little bits of garbage as I expected it would. Hence the relationship circle is complete.

Also, over Spring Break, the family and I went to Washington D.C. After visiting all the memorials we took a break near the reflecting pool. It was just after the Winter season so the grass was mostly dried, yellow, and dead. We ate subs on benches like the one pictured here next to garbage cans like the one on the label.

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