Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 42 - Chocolate Covered Love

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I couldn't put good advice in a bottle. There was no way to fill one with reassuring pats on the back or thoughtful life lessons. You can't bottle being taught how to shave.

You can't fill a bottle with good parenting.

Dad, thanks for being there, and thanks for letting us know that you always will be. Thanks for understanding, for laughing when we make jokes, for being an honest, strict-enough friend. Thanks for driving the family all across the country, for putting up with all of our crap, for listening to us when we need to talk, and talk, and talk. For always talk, talk, talking. Thank you for everything.

This bottle was filled this Father's Day with malted milk balls, his favorite.

A photo of firefighter jackets is pictured on the label, a real heroic picture; reminds me of my dad.

A proud and lucky son,

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