Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 41 - Let Me Explain...

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So I've gotten a little flak for putting cereals into a handful of my Jones Soda bottles. But please, let me explain, cereal makes amazing filler. It is cheap, normally colorful, and usually abundant. One box of cereal could fill a six pack of bottles, or more. So give me a break.

I filled this bottle today with Honey Comb cereal. The cereal was pretty old and stale, so I feel like it wasn't a complete waste.

For some reason I connect cereal directly to my family. We've always had so many different cereals in the house and I feel my family has been there through my evolution of cereal tastes; gradually getting more and more adult in content. Sledding also has a strong family vibe for me given we used to go as a family every Winter. Hence the sledding family and the cereal filler.

I really want a bowl of Honey Combs now,

P.S. - I've kept the box of cereal in my room...been resisting the urge to rip into it ever since.

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