Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 39 - I Want Chicken, I Want Liver...

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So my family owns three cats; an orange stray that we took in named Oscar, a white lap-cat named Ollie (Olliver), and a black cat that acts like a kitten all the time named Ozzy (Oswald). Since the cats spend half the day sleeping and the other half eating, there is always the kibble-like cat food on hand. Given the size, shape, and availability, of course cat food had to end up in a bottle at some point.

The shoes pictured on the label reminded me of my old skate shoes which I just replaced today. So the bottle was chosen in honor of them and the four years of skating they served me. I also thought it was kind of funny putting cat food in a bottle that features and dog on the label.

(that was supposed to be a know, like "chow" as in food, not "chow" as in "tchao" or "good-bye". Oh, nevermind.)

P.S. - I kept taking other pictures without the time stamp and forgetting to put it back on when I snapped a pic of my Jones. So I made a little reminder on the block I use to steady my shots...

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  1. That block looks like a container of pokemon cards to me lol