Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 36 - King Me

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I hate it, hate it when people get all uppity and offended when you haven't tried a semi-famous food that they are in love with. They huff and puff and say, "you haven't lived until you've had a [insert iconic food here]". But really, really, you haven't lived until you've had a White Castle burger. I don't want to say it, because, again, I hate, hate it when people use the phrase "literally" when in fact there is nothing literal about what they are saying, but these burgers literally melt in your mouth. Nothing beats a warm White Castle, nothing.

So with that said, remind me to never fill a bottle with anything made of card-stock again. Like the Pokemon cards, the White Castle burger "sleeves" don't pack well into a bottle. I filled this one about an hour ago thinking I could persuade the sleeves to unfurl and fill the bottle; mission failure.

There is something so retro about the label that I imagine it was taken in the 1970's. A cute girl in retro style shorts pushing around a parking lot, barefoot, on a retro style board. I imagine a group of teenagers sitting around a White Castle parking lot, eating burgers, kicking around on four wheels. Obviously the picture is not that old, but part of me wants it to be.

The savory smell of burger and onion is overwhelmingly delicious,

P.S. - Happy thirtieth wedding anniversary to my parents. I tried to think of a funny, sentimental blurb, I tried to find a wedding quote on Google, but nothing can sum up the relationship you two have and the happiness that you fill your children with. Thanks for everything.

P.P.S. - Just so everyone knows, no, I did not eat this entire case. Between the three of us there were still about ten left. This is just a pic of a leftover burger with the still full Jones.

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Here's what the crave case looks like, I added a surprise inside. Normally there are thirty burgers inside, but in this pic there are only twenty-seven burger sleeves and an empty Jones bottle. Note the greasy goodness in and on the case.

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