Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 33 - Unfiltered

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Early post today, but I will be leaving town in about eight hours and will, hopefully, be back by Saturday night for tomorrow's post. So, don't be surprised or hurt if the next installment is late.

Anyways, these beads came out of the filtering system of our backyard pool. I don't remember the circumstances that allowed me to take them out of the filter, and I honestly don't know what purpose they serve in the filtering process, but I figured they would make decent fill for a bottle.

That is Matt Hoffman the BMX rider on the label...nothing to do with filters, pools, water, or anything.

Bottle was filled a while ago. See you guys soon,

P.S. - To Bre,

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You say you love Tic-Tacs, you should see how many I have left over. My breath will be fresh for weeks.


  1. Aw... and you couldn't give me any?? Lol Have fun on your trip and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  2. Why don't you guys put that fresh breath to use?