Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 25 - Dihydrogen Monoxide

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Do your part to control the Dihydrogen Monoxide epidemic. This substance is used in nuclear power plants, it contributes to the erosion of natural landscapes, is commonly found in acid rain, can cause severe burns, and has been known to kill thousands every year. Do your part. Say "no" to Dihydrogen Monoxide.

I dreaded posting these bottles. They've been in my collection for a long time. Their contents are more sentimental than eye-catching. And, like with the ROYGBIV bottles, I was going to use these for two different days, but that would be a very unexciting two days. The bottle on the left is filled with water from my backyard pool. It looks like normal water in the picture, it looks like normal water in real life. It practically is normal water but I know that those molecules have contributed to many fun times splashing around in that pool. I know that it is more than normal water. The label has a skateboarder riding through a tunnel. It appears to be wet and rainy, it kind of looks like he is skating through a wave.

The bottle on the right is filled with water from our backyard pond. This water has little pieces of algae and other bits of, I'm guessing, miscellaneous fish waste. The picture on the bottle shows a flooded front yard - or is it a picture of a pool with a flooded cover?. Either way, it made me think of our pond.

My dad is getting the pool ready right now. Yay,

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