Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 24 - One Man's Trash...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic another man's Jones bottle. I remember filling this bottle a while ago, but can't remember what drew me to this label. Part of me feels like whenever we went to the skatepark everything was covered in a fine dust. You could find trash stashed behind the ramps, under the benches, and on the deck of the mini-ramp. The bottle is grungy and raw, so I suppose the image of a skatepark kind of fits.

The bottle has various bits of garbage in it. There are pieces of a free AOL trial disc (might be able to use this fact to date the bottle back a while), scraps of a Butterfingers wrapper, piece of denim from the bottom of an old pair of jeans, fragments of hard candy, and general paper waste.

In case you did not know, every Jones Soda bottle cap has a little message written on the inside. Kind of like fortune cookies, I have an odd rule about these messages. I don't read the cap until the soda is gone and I don't re-read the cap after the bottle has been re-sealed. But I was having trouble thinking of a way to end this post, so I broke rule number two and re-read the cap.

"A happy event will take place shortly in your home",


  1. You broke a rule!!! How dare you!?!?! I guess I can forgive you :) That bottle must be pretty old though... we had AOL when I was in middle school!!

  2. Really, people say it all the time but it's so true. What's the point of a rule if you can't break it every now and then. It was only a little rule.

    Breaking it was kind of fun. The saying on the inside was kind of fun too.