Monday, May 11, 2009

In the Beginning...

One day I decided not to toss my empty bottle of Jones Soda in the recycling bin. The next time I cooled off with a bottle of FuFu Berry soda, after a day of skating and filming with the crew, I collected all the empties and put them on the shelf next to the other one. My collection grew. Maybe it was the fan-submitted labels, maybe it was the sentiments surrounding a Jones, maybe it was the cult-like following, but for some reason I decided to keep the bottles. At first the bottles were art in themselves, but they quickly became blank canvases.

I started by filling a few empty bottles with water and food coloring. I then started to get more creative. So here is the idea. I will submit a photo of a Jones Soda bottle every day for an entire year. That's 365 days worth of Jones Soda. Before I start, let me clear up a few things and lay down some guidelines.

  • I already have about 35 bottles that are filled. They will be included in the collection even though they were not filled on that day. I will denote these bottles in their caption.
  • If, for some reason, I miss a day or a period of time, I will post a number of bottles corresponding to the number of days absent as soon as I am available. That is, I may not be able to post on that day but will always make up for the missing day by posting mutliple pictures the next time.
  • Some of the bottles are not incredibly creative (i.e. the ones filled with colored water), but I will do my best to think of more original ideas. Comments and suggestions are extremely welcome. 365 fresh, new, unique ideas might be hard after a while.
  • Some bottles share the same idea but have different varieties. These bottles will still represent a different day. For example (**SPOILER ALERT**), right now I have three bottles that are painted on the inside. Although they share the same "filling", each bottle has a different colored paint on the inside. These bottles will represent three different days.
  • Each picture of a bottle will come with a caption explaining if it was filled in the past, what it was filled with, and any stories or explanation behind the bottle.
I feel like it is such a simple project, so let's not get strung up in the details. If you're following, thanks for the support. If you have a suggestion, I would be happy to hear it.


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