Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 9 - On the Rocks

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So the title to this one is fitting for reasons other than the bottle is filled with rocks. Get ready to do some reading.

So, originally, I wanted this bottle to be sentimental. At first I had filled this bottle with white sand, shells, and water; like a beach in a bottle. You see, last fourth of July I spent a beautiful weekend with her at a cottage on the lake owned by her grandparents. We had fun, ate hot-dogs, kayaked around the lake, loved each other. The dragonflies were out and abundant and the label on this bottle looks similar to a picture I snapped that weekend. The dragonfly in this picture made me think of that perfect weekend on the beach, by the lake.

But the beach idea didn't work out. You see, some of the shells didn't quite fit so I used a small hammer to knock them in. Once full of sand and shells, I added water and gave the bottle a good shake to mix things up. To my surprise, the bottle was leaking from the cap. It turns out that I had, unknowingly, chipped the mouth of the bottle hammering the shells in. This is the first hitch.

So I couldn't fill the bottle with anything liquid, so I decided to fill it with pebbles. The pebbles were cemented in the sand around my pool so I had to dig them out by the handful. After digging them out I had to use a strainer, the power of wind, and a my hands to separate the sand from the pebbles. While doing this I got a nasty little stab and sliver from a piece of dry grass; hitch number two.

While painstakingly, almost neurotically filling the bottle I had, unknowingly again, put the cap behind me. As I squatted with my hands in the dirt I was standing on the cap completely flattening is and removing some of the small aluminum tabs. This was hitch three.

After topping off I walk around to the front door - locked. Hitch four. While trying to post this Firefox crashed...twice. Hitch five and six.

Maybe this bottle was never meant to be. Maybe I'll find that out in four years,

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